Like most novelists, I write the kind of books I enjoy reading – in my case, stories that make history come alive. I combine well-known historical people, fictional characters, an intense plot, and vivid sensory descriptions to insert readers into a different time and place and make them feel at home there. People display the same faults and virtues no matter what part of the earth and which century they inhabit. Their customs, lifestyles, clothing, and languages may be different from ours, but they act the same way we do, for better or worse. My hope is that my readers are as entertained by these similarities and diversities as I am.

My other goal in writing is to keep a story moving so quickly that it distracts readers from their everyday worries. The highest praise I ever received about one of my novels was a complaint that the person stayed up all night, unable to put the book down.

My favorite authors in the historical fiction genre are Martin Cruz Smith, Frederick Forsyth, Ken Follett, Robert Harris, Nelson DeMille, Stephen Hunter, and David Morrell. However, I also love crime fiction by T Jefferson Parker, Michael Connelly, Jeffery Deaver, Greg Iles, and Dennis Lehane.

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  1. Since my last novel was published in August, sales of all four books have surged. One reason is book clubs. A couple friends promoted me to their book clubs with the idea that I would attend the meetings to discuss the book they had just read. A few weeks ago I attended a club meeting for Nero’s Concert. I was gratified that so many members showed up and had read “Nero”. They all seemed to enjoy the book and the lively discussion went on for three hours. After so many years of frustration as an author, it was terrific to see that my efforts had paid off! I am looking for more opportunities to do book club events. If you want to discuss my appearance at your book club, please contact me using the Contact page of this site. Messages on that page are confidential; they are simply routed to my email address.

    I also want to encourage my readers to write a book review for Amazon.com. You have to be a member of Amazon. Once you sign in and click on the book you want to review, and then click on “Create Your Own Review”, the process is easy. Reviews can be as short as 75 words. The more positive reviews an author gets, the better sales will be. You can also join a reading website called Goodreads.com and post reviews there or just rate books from 1 to 5 stars. Goodreads allows people to link up with friends and see what books they have read and whether they enjoyed them or not. I have rated 155 books on the Goodreads site.

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